Define progress

It is the important of things

Easier living, more production

Simplifying the life to do other things

Why does it feel it drives us to edges

Simple life become acts of procedures

Procedures and protocol tell us the way

The embodiment of human leaves

Shells drone foward and back

Telling themselves it well worth it

Change is good, job, life, school must be better

It’s a lie.  The shovel to the grave.

Deeper the hole the safer the body

We forget you had to die first

My chrysalis becomes clear

My wings twitch to feel the breezes to soar

I’m cocooned in safety of daily life

But the heart knows escape well

There’s an updraft here ready to lift me

Days will pass as the feelings increase

Nervous energy hardened against anvil of free

My will is greater than my need for refuge

Freedom needed no safe passage

My new home awaits me

My new grounds open from dream to reality

The mountains of my now feed new hopes

My friends it is real progress


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