Is She?

We are crossing paths all the time.   It’s avery friendly exchange.  We smile and play the “how are you game”.  Her eyes are dark like her hair.   They are inviting. As the rest of her is.   The good Dr Frankenstein could have made her from parts of my past.   I hold a gaze a little longer but so does she.   

Five minutes later we back together.   Standing side by side.  Different places, different reasons.   

“Are you stalking me?” I throw at her. 

Her smile is lightning. “Funny, I was thinking you’re stalking me. You know you have a certain reputation around here.” She winks and nudges shoulders.

“Who do you think started the rumor?!  What a second which one did you hear?” One pariah asks the other. 

A deep booming voice shocks us both “Damn it Jeanne! He’s married!”

“Yeah, Jeanne.   He’s married. You can’t laugh and enjoy yourself here!  What would people think?!” I laugh while trying to keep the etch-a-sketch moment in place. The lines are blurred..

She looks arrows into him.   Then laughs a bit.   Her eyes never leaving the target.  “See i told you…you have a reputation.”

She’s smiles and disappears into the cluster of daily life. 


8 thoughts on “Is She?

    1. It’s exactly that. Too many times others read into what going on. Simple things and fun become torrid stories. It’s usually the woman who gets blamed for making herself like everyone else. The guy involved is either a victim or doesn’t know how she is.

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