You tell me I’m unacceptable

There is condition attached to it

What is unacceptable about me?

Did I fail to do something?

Did I not notice something?

Cold harsh treatment is no answer

Ostracizing my feeling proves nothing

I’m alone before you did this

If your words speak the truth

You abandoned me when you decided this

Probably long before actually , it’s easier

The lack of heart and effort by you

Doesn’t define me as unacceptable

Wishing I was psychic to know the answer was

You pantheon of misery becons

Use it in place of real human company

There is no improvement without knowing

My flaws aren’t hidden, open like my heart

There was no intent on neglect really

But rule your ice world until nothing moves

Lookdown upon others as they are not you

There will be others that find me less unacceptable

It’s the time we waste pretending the other mattered

That never comes back to either of us

I accepted your flaws and loved them

It’s only natural you seek out what matches 

My openness, caring and devotion worthless

As you say unacceptable.


17 thoughts on “Unacceptable

  1. Some people are judgemental. Hopefully,they can get past it, but for someone who says you’re not good enough how you are, you’re probably much too good for and should leave them to their judgement — like your new boss. Lay low for a few weeks, if she’s still around, not worth it to stay unless u can’t get another job to pay the bills. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m in a war with a new boss. It’s channeling my energy. Last time I called a boss something besides their name it felt great but I knew I didn’t have two weeks before I went back to my old job.


      1. Not when she is new and temporary with visions of grandeur of a permanent place there. I’m going back to another job in 6 days plus a week in Arizona house hunting. So as long as nothing that rhythms with witch and duck don’t come out of my mouth, I’ll be good. I did bring the local union steward into it.


      2. Will the Union Steward help you with the problems you are having with her? That’s great that you are going to spend a week in Arizona house hunting! Are you moving into your new Arizona job in 6 days?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No, I’m going back to my old job. Arizona asked for me to be released October 1. It’s away too close for that to work for me. But I’m thinking about by Halloween I should be out there….. 👻


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