Night in Name Only -Photo Challenge #128

“I see a red door and I want it painted black” I sing the old Rolling Stones tune. 

The picture window gone through a transformation.  My brush paints the day back to night.  The room never step foot full in the light today and never again.  I stare in disbelief.   The sun has become the moon.  It’s ray ghastly.  But gone is the purity.  The bright signs of life crumble to shadows.  Relegated to afterthoughts as they should be.

“Now, the mirror is useless as well.  Maybe… I’ll leave just one.  The new people might like the look.  These creatures of the night are so weird.  But pay well in cash!”  I smile at a nights works beautifully completed.

I go through the garage to my Vampire Decoration Services.  I hate to be out long after the Sun clears the horizon.  Just in case. 


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