Photo Prompt # 127 Maiden of the Cove

Her glowing lantern guides her way.  The gentle waters raise and fall giving her a dance across the seabed. She would float despite the tides anyway.  It’s her full moon tradition to visit the shallow wrecks.  Their hulls and beams strattle sandbags the reach out to the in coming season.  Gentle bar of unspeakable horror.  

Her trip is a necessary one.  She roams these coasts on those clear moon filled nights .  Back to where she entered the water.  Over and over again.  Maybe this time she will find the family that floated off.  Maybe they lived.  She’ll never know unless they cross paths in these moon filled nights. 

Written as part of a challenge, details are available at:

7 thoughts on “Photo Prompt # 127 Maiden of the Cove

  1. I liked your take, her a ghost roaming the ocean in vain. But I also thought, she’d be an interesting character on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Her story in relation to characters fans know and love. Great write Mark 🙂

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