Beware the Cape – Epilogue

Moons pass her quickly now.  Jezzibelle, four decades past her wolf story, stares at 16 year old granddaughter.  She has bestowed a red velvet cape.  A shadow of the one her Grandmother gave her.  Every facial feature, every long flowing blonde hair, every bit of her former shape confronts her.

Heidi looks at the red cape and pushes her chocolate eyes to her adoring Grandmother.  “It’s beautiful!  I’ve never felt such soft fabric.  It’s my favorite color, too!!”

“You’ll be the center of attention everywhere you go, my darling.  Wear it well. Head high, hair slightly covered.  I had one once.  It was back when I was your age.  I was the littlest one.  It was my first piece of new clothing.  I wore beautifully repaired hand me downs.  But beware, the attention has a price.  You need to be careful of what people want from you.” She looks down at her former self in marvel.

“I know your story!  I can’t believe that was you.  You are not the wild type!  You are old and slow.  I think of how you most have looked when you were my age.  But your eyes are much bigger.  Your eyes are much bigger.  And they say you had a sharp tongue.  I see none of those in me.” Heidi smiles an innocent smile, that hides secrets.  Grandmothers know the smile well.

“Remember child.  I moved here to start a new life. I was once much like you.  As once I stand here now, soon you shall be in my place.  The secrets come out in the wash. Now, little one, it’s time to open the shop for the day.  Put on your red cape, Le Pettit Chaperon Rouge Chocolate shop waits for no one!”  Grandmother doesn’t promise her the house or the business.

The trail of breadcrumbs starts here…


8 thoughts on “Beware the Cape – Epilogue

  1. I enjoyed this a lot. A re-telling or part of the “ever after” of a fairytale. I wonder what secrets the red riding hoods have, and what monsters they could be beneath. Well written

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