Magic Fruit -Tale Weaver #81

Written as part of a challenge called tale weaver. I’m breaking the rule (shock to some of you, I’m sure) but Sleeping Beauty had an easy life.  Make here cast the spell on someone else. Just a thought.  ūüėé
Madame Curry sat at the local County Fair.  Downwind from the Elephant Ear stand made her apples a little less appealing for some reason.   

Warm red sign with rose colored letters made it clear these were different.  Not your typical apples or oranges thing. The offered love.  Love Apples!  Her old family receipt offered the sure chance at love.  All you had to do is get someone to eat your apple.

Darla pokes her head under the flip top of Mrs Curry’s trailer.  “So do they work really?  I’d pay $10 if it works.”

“Yeah, they work!  You got a hair, piece of clothing, business card, something of that person you want to love you forever?” The old woman stares at her crossword puzzle.  Number 32 Across is killing her.

“Oh, I didn’t know to bring any of that stuff!” Darla drops her shoulders.   She appears like a human banana popsicle.  Pale yellow top and shorts and straight as a board.

“I’m a witch not a miracle worker,  child!  If he’s here. Go to a hair out of his head! He notice you,  and give him the sole to make up for it.   Men are really that stupid. I’ve been married four times I know what gets them to notice you! Damn it any way! Nine letter word “needs sleep”, forth letter is one, eighth letter an a…” She starts talking to herself instead.

“Insomniac! That’s your word! Insomniac!  You really know your stuff!  I’ll rip out a handful of hair! I want him to love me forever! ” Darla spins and runs Brown hair flying as she goes. 

“How the hell should I know that word! I sleep fine. I never got to explain the orange to break the spell is $50. Well see if she comes back.  Let’s see 16 down, he finds glass slipper Prince… , 8 letters begins with c.”  She keeps her diligent work going.

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