Stalker – Soccer Practice Part 4

The Sun beats down on half brown grass.  A mower stirs more dust than grass clippings.  His mind is in overdrive.  The disaster of his making.  He needs another chance to catch her eye.  You would think by chance she would have noticed him.   Over here, or at the soccer practice, or the stores, or restaurants…

A black car pulls up behind his truck.  The bright yellow words of Sherrif and white Crawford County make for a ghastly mix of colors.   A man hides behind a computer screen inside.   His presence is noticed but no reaction seems necessary.

A tall slender white male steps out if the car.  A tug at the waist belt and a scan of the area ensue. He walks around the white truck.  Pausing to look inside at the contents.  The collection of fast food wrappers, trash and debris of someone who spends a lot of time in his truck.  The eyes follow over to the mower. Then the elderly woman watching him intently.

“Yes?! Is their a problem with the truck deputy?” Ms Greeley asks over the loud mower sound.  She eyes the deputy with spear like gaze.

“Mama, I can’t hear you! I’ll be right there!” He yells back.

The man with the mower acts clueless to the scene.

“Mama, how well do you know this man?” Deputy Jesse Jenkins inquires

“He’s my great nephew!  I think I know him well enough.  But you…Deputy..Jesse…Jenkins…I’m not sure about you!”  She knows he had issues with people before.  They look for him.  He told her and this isn’t the first time it happened here at her house.  She thinks it’s no wonder he’s a loser,they would scare anyone away from hiring him. 

“There’s a call about this white truck and someone looking in backyards.  Just checking up on it.  If someone breaks in, we never check these things out.  Hate to see you or your neighbors have troubled, mama.” Deputy Jesse pulls off his sunglasses slowly as he talks.  His face and eyes watching the mower move.  He is disappointed that the man never looks at him.

“I’d love to know who called!  He was in that truck a couple minutes before I could get him out to mow my yard.  Took ten damn minutes to get him in my back yard and I’m paying him.  If you got nothing else here.   Please find someone else to harass. We’re busy here!”  She gets between the eye sight of the deputy and his prey.

“What if he’s a stalker?  You are ok, with that?  Truck says William owns it, but you call him Jesse?  Not Will?  Well, have a nice day! Stay safe.”  He puts his sunglasses back on and waves at the man with the mower. 

“I’d offer you a donut and some coffee.  But I’m fresh out.” She smiles back.

“I’ll be watching him.  Just so both of you know.”  The deputy walks back to the car very slowly.  He sits in the car for a minute or two.

“What was that all about?  Did he want something?”  Joshua asks.

“You stupid shit!  I don’t want to know what you did! You’re gonna get in trouble this time.  I can’t keep them off you.  You can’t talk your way out the front door when it’s open.   Finish up and get on your way!  I’m too old.  I promised to help you if you needed it.  Not help because of how you are.  Don’t forget that!” She gets in his face.   Her demeanor is hostile and edgy.  

“Yes, I’ll be quick and gone.”  He cowers back to work.

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