Russell and His Cause 

Russell stands in front of three place of shame.  His homemade sign in blood red letters  “Monkeys aren’t Beasts of Burden!!”  He paces in circles less hoping for a friendly supporter.  There are none.

“You, idiot with the sign!  The monkey serves people peanuts!  Are you that stupid!  It’s a pet!” A half lite drunk strangers out the door.  He throws a peanut at him for effect.

“Sir, it’s always innocent.  They don’t live here.   How can he eat properly?”  Russell queries his assailant.

“He’s a fucking monkey! He eats peanuts, drinks beer and dances. He lives better than me!  He drinks for free.”  The drunk wanders off.

“Well, maybe I should get a picture of that!”  Russell puts the sign down and knows he can save the poor little monkey.

The following morning paper documents it for the world to see.

“Animal activist killed by monkey claiming self defense”

16 thoughts on “Russell and His Cause 

    1. The monkey would have bit his face off. It would have been a,scene for the bar goers. I’m thinking taking beer away from a,working class monkey is a lot like taking it away from their close relatives


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