Beware the Red Cape – The Beginning 

“Jezzibelle! Jezzibelle! Where are you?”  Mama calls out.  

She washes her hands with lye soap as she looks out the open window.  Mama is nervous about sending the girl off alone.  She is of age now, but so easily swayed from her chores.  Mama knows the family trait to do the easy gains runs deep in her.  But Mama’s love can cure all ills.  Her Mama told her the way to be.  It’s that figure Jezzibelle is developing she is more concerned with. 

Her own Mama has not responded to the traditional cures.  Leaches have proved ineffective to her maladies.  Herbal wraps have made her skin glow in the palest of white, lacking the rudiness of life.  Charcoal chunks have pasted through her without taking the problem with them.

Mama shuffles through bottles of homemade wine.  Dandelion wine, it’s pale yellow color and gentle flavor would be prefect for a picnic.  Today it’s a message to get well.  A smoked chunk of beef rests inside a burlap sack.  Two half pieces of bread complete the basket.  A single sage smudge stick wrapped inside kept out and bugs.

“Where is that girl?  I shouldn’t trust her.  My Mama isn’t getting better since Jezzibelle has taken over the role of care taker.  I hope Jezzibelle isn’t a burden to her.  Mama loves her so.  The red cape of velvet came from her grandmother.  It gave her a certain glow of vibrant womanhood at the young age.  And I remember being that age….The day Derrick came to the farm…I could careless he was so much older.  There are men waiting to get a hold of her.  Her uncles tell me how much she would fetch us.  Maybe the men know best.  It’s a lot of money.  She will need someone to keep her well.”  Mama reflects on the regrets of life and what future her daughter will be strattled with.

“Mama, what is it.  I was playing with Mindy’s dog.  He’s so cute.  I wish we could have that dog.  He keeps the ghastly beasts from the forest at bay.  Please, could we get one! I really think it would be best.  They haven’t lost a single chicken in months. And I would…” Jezzibelle tries to plead her case.

“Enough child!  You know what I need from you.  Take that basket to grandmother!  She hasn’t been by.  She still bed ridden.  You must take care of her for me.  I packed it well.  It’s early.  The field and woods will be cool.  Make haste child.  If it gets too warm the animals will smell the food.  They will stalk you, and steal the food.  Those ugly old wolves might hunt you too.  Take your cape!  Grandmother will only recognize you in it.  Her vision was really poor last week.”  Mama is nervous and shaking.  “Don’t you snoop around her corners!  She will hear you!  She doesn’t like snoops.  You may get her home one day.”

“Mama, I love grandmother.  Will she be ok?  I fear she’ll die.  I’ll never have her long enough. I want her to know my babies.  I don’t want to live there without her.” Jezzibelle kicks at her feet and tries to avoid her mother’s gaze.  

“Stay on the path!  Don’t stop to talk to anyone!  There are strangers who might want this food or try to take you away.  A pretty girl like you needs to be careful around strangers.” Mama warns her.

“You worry too much, Mama.  I’ll be fine.  I have seen a few people in my trips.  They know me now.  They will help me.”  Jezzibelle puts her hand on Mama’s arm.

Mama looks at her with a mix of unsure feelings and hope. Her heart lends itself to worrying about one thing at a time.  

23 thoughts on “Beware the Red Cape – The Beginning 

  1. I really love what you did here. I especially like that at the beginning, I have no idea it is about good ol’ Red Hood.
    I do wish you would continue, I hope you are having as much fun writing as I have reading it. Don’t be too worried about following the regular story’s narrative, I think you already made the story your own with your own writing, and it is precisely what makes it interesting.
    I read quite a lot of spins on Little red riding hood, but I can honestly say I did not enjoy them, mostly so because they do follow the same narrative and story elements, just add something shocking, as a twist, to say its a different story.
    I think you are on the road of making it much more interesting, creative and original than that.

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    1. You are too kind darling. I would only parallel theme major events. She is already a different girl. The other dominoes must fall a different direction to work. I intend to keep going all the way through. It’s more fun writing it as I get to see her as the mirror image. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am very glad to hear you will keep writing! Please do not hesitate to point me out to the sequels to the story, wherever. I am sometimes not online for a period of a week or more, so I would not want to miss it (in case you get to think sending me links and stuff is burdening or annoying. I really see it as a perfect way to keep up with the stuff I like, and when you leave it in a comment, there is a chance someone else sees it as well, and takes a bite into the story!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll be glad to leave a link in comments. I agree it does point out things to others and when ever you get to it is fine. I’m hoping for three to four more parts. 😀


    1. I did a challenge about twisting the tale and thought it was prefect. Then someone said I needed more of the story. So im in serial land with a make over on Lil red riding hood. She is such a good evil character. 🙄


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