Strange But Only A Stranger – Soccer Practice part 3

He replays things in his head.  He has watched her for six months.   Knows her routine better than she does.  There are subtle changes.  It’s been five days since the ill fated encounter.  He follows further away now.  

Liz sits on the couch.  Devon is off in his bedroom with his video games.  Her mind keeps rewinding back to that strange man.  His name wasn’t right.  The truck registration was someone else.  His picture didn’t match either.  

There’s a cloud hanging thick over her.  Rays of Sun fall around her and she peeks out of windows to check to see who is out there.  The overcast feeling has her on edge.  Maybe she shouldn’t have taken the picture and had her brother in law check him on with a police records check.  It brought more questions than answers.  The mirky water of who he really is has more mud and not nearly enough water now.  Fear is a constant companion of worry.  They live happily together in her misery.

Her living room is darker with the curtains drawn.  They produce walls that make a flimsy fortress.  Socks the cat gets more vocal when he can’t be seen on the window.  He has become an outcast.  Of course, only one person has noticed sock’s dilemma.  He doesn’t reside there. 

He sits a block away.  The white truck parked within eye sight of her house and side lot.  The colonial hides very little due to its box shape.  You can see front room through to kitchen and out back window, if you would be so inclined.  The half sunk basement shows less, but laundry rooms provide all kinds of information about you.  Living room with curtains drawn foil the view.  It’s a shame to find out after you walked around the house.  The woods along the back provide shelter for the excursion.  The bedrooms are too high to provide the right entertainment.  He has tried that already.

But for now, he has a lawn mower in back of the truck.  Mrs Greely is staring out the window at him.  She has waited ten minutes for him to get out of the truck.  The old bat has nothing better to do but watch others.  His excuse for being in the area is convenient. It’s necessary.  Without a good reason to be here, he’d just be another stalker.

“Joshua!”  Mrs. Greely  has the front door open before he can get the mower off the truck. “Are you ok?!  You have been out there forever.  I thought something happened to you.  If you need looked at I know where to find a nurse.”

She stands with two arms pinned to her hips.  Her floral dress makes her look like grandma.  Her hair molded in form that pins in place.  He expression is a cross between understanding and utter confusion.  She will stand there until he finishes.  She insists he mows a different direction each time.  It maybe the only thing she listened to her husband during his whole life.  That and Joshua needed things to do.  Great aunts are not the strongest bond in the family.  But one of his last ones left.  The odd man has eliminated several.

Part 1
Part 2

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