You say complicated

I say high maintenance 

Well it’s different

Same shit, different day

Your view point like the wind

No forecasting, just shifting 

Only constant is change

It makes you special

It’s the way to be

You know because it works

I have no idea for who

You don’t remember yourself

Well  you’re different now

Any tomorrow it’ll be worse

Distance is clarity from here

I say twisted,  manipulative

You say complicated


4 thoughts on “Complicated 

  1. Interesting choices of synonyms for “complicated.” Your speaker might be careful, yet I think what he experiences is much more than her being “high maintenance” “constant change” “different viewpoints” and finally, “you’re different now.” I think he didn’t really know her and “complicated” or any other word used above is much different from “twisted and manipulative.” That’s an entirely different person than he believed she was. Great work. I knew you’d have an interesting view for his word 🙂

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