Soccer Practice

Photo credit : Yinglan

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at

Every Wednesday evening at 6,she take her place.   Third row on the second set of risers.  All the way to the right.  She’ll lean foward. Rocking a bit as they scrimmage.  

She’s as quiet as a church mouse. Heavy  sudden whispers escape “Go Devon. Come on Devon”

She’s almost divine.  My eyes are locked into her.   The long black hair rides her back.  Her pastel colors make pale skin glow.

I hope to love her even more after we meet. 


31 thoughts on “Soccer Practice

  1. Humm, and how shall they met “accidently?” Obviously, as a stalker, he must know her routine. And, when do you throw the secret admirer side pitch in — flowers she thinks is from X by actually from our soccer stalker. Just a thought. Good start to a longer, scarcer story.

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    1. Aren’t all secret admirers really stalkers?! The only difference is your type or “I need a gun” type. Hmmm, a bouquet from her front yard!! Somehow responding to your comment channeled that to my little blonde brain. 🙂


      1. 🙂 And so it goes . . . could taxidermy her cat for her — even though he killed the cat, but it looks like a random poisoning. . . . . Perhaps a handsome police man will become the foil for the soccer stalker, and her lover . . . just thinking but hey it’s your story.

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      2. I expanded it into a more creepy, things go south meeting. There’s still plenty of room for Socks the cat ending up on the porch stuffed. The creepy one as a cop who knows her former lover that told him things about their relationship….. 🐈

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      3. Mild mannered people make the best psychos. There is something about people we think could never could be dangerous. Underestimating people is a human specialty


      4. Yeah — the term “go postal” comes from an USPS employee blowing away his supervisor and other employers of the postal service in an office in Ridgewood, NJ which is a very safe, very rich, very fancy town. This happened I think in 1991? There is an amazingly realistic statue of a postman as a memorial.

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      5. Speaking as a Postal worker, there is no statue. Sigh! 😞 Those who fail to learn history are doomed to relive it over again.. Actually, there were several incidents over about five years. People who are pushed to a certain point will push back and if they feel they have nothing to lose they are dangerous people.


      6. Yes, dangerous. But often the quiet one who afterwards everyone says “I never thought . . . .” Hey, next time I’m in R’wood, I’ll take a picture so you can see that at least in that town, the dead are not forgotten.

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      7. God, that’s awful, isn’t it. 15 years; this is the first war that the government, and the military have really given a rat’s as at how the solider mentally is who comes home. Don’t ask me to tell you where the term “basket case” comes from.

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    1. I could do that. There’s a nice way to develop the fixation by keeping him as normal as possible. But they would have to have that meeting. Do you think it’s better if he’s aggressive in forcing a meeting or deliberate in trying to “accidentally” run into her? Thank you for the kind words. 😃

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      1. I would be intrigued by a normal guy who is driven to do ‘un-normal’ things by a woman he falls for. ‘Accidentally’ meeting her would be the start of this deceiving her…

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