She’s a Rainbow 

She shines only with storm clouds

Red hot emotions can melt the world

Forged love on orange glowing anvil

Basking in her sunshine yellow rays.

To lay in her tall green fields..

Feelings she inspires like blue skies

I swim the indigo pools of her eyes.

Regal purple robes her in my mind

But without her storms she fades

Take away the rain, remove the life

Heavy clouds make her cold, distant

She’s a  rainbow

10 thoughts on “She’s a Rainbow 

    1. This is one my favorite rainbow pictures because it is in the desert and that blue sky makes it pop! But the stormy personality connection to the rainbow is what I was after.


      1. I started looking for another one from Texas desert, but I found this first. Maybe it’s me, but I have been through a lot of rain in autumn in the southwest.


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