Said Spider to the Fly – College #27

The flashback wakes me from the wrestling of my dream.   She’s faceless. The bloom overflowing beauty.  I blink only through maxim effort for fear she is an illusion. 

Her past fenced off from me.   She insists nothing endures from it.   A canceled stamp.   Evidence of tangible things left to resembles kids stamps in a coloring book.  I buy this as if I hypnotized by a swinging watch. 

As much at I want her….

Her voice sings “Normal is an illusion.  What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.”

I feel am the fly here. 


14 thoughts on “Said Spider to the Fly – College #27

      1. Exactly! I had a dream last night where I was watching myself from the corner while I slept, except my eyes were black and if possible I might have been paler than usual or maybe dead. It was so intense. Shudders

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      2. Creepy! I’m thinking black eyes and pale, you could be a vampire. The mirror to the soul thing with eyes. Either way, chilling thought. Unless your a vampire with an out of the body experience!


    1. It’s truly would be more depressing to never share them though. I have met plenty of spiders but I’m more the moth to the flame sort. I have been burnt more than once. It always seems to start well….


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