“You, why are you moving so fast?” His teenage eyes look upon me. 

I look confused.   His sixteen year old eyes and girlfriend smile back. 

“I’m not moving that quickly.” I justify my pace.   He knows little of time.

“You’re flying, at your age….well you could have a heart attack.” he laughs.

I smile back.   To be so young and foolish. “Your next hour, is longer than my whole day!  I turn my head and sunset is on my shoulder.   For you, hours holding her hand pass slowly.   It lulls you to think you have forever.”

They look at a madman. They don’t know. How could they know?  They still smile at me but differently. 

“You’ll see.   Time isn’t your friend. You’ll see! ” I return to my path.   My speed still faster than it should.   But time is fleeing from me.  I know it is.   If I can catch a few moments…

5 thoughts on “Time

    1. Time works in bad ways. At ten each year is a tenth of your life, by the time your twenty it’s twice as much memories. At forty, four times the experiences packed into your mind. Each day is a fourth of what it was. Each year they get faster in relative terms. Each year becomes less of your life, thereby faster. Insidious really.


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