My Dream – Photo Challenge #123

All is quiet but the drawing of my breath.  Mechanical draw,then click when I exhale. My visor shines with scattered light. Stars distance and rather close sparkle and twinkle.   I float through endless space.   Blackness overrun by splashes of intense light and heat.

If I could tell, I must be spinning.  Trails of light Mark paths to and from clouds of color.  Bodies move quickly flirting with my eyes.   I pause to catch a glipse…it’s gone.  Another glowing form comes toward me.  

Internal peace seizes my body and mind.  A mechanical breath draws and clicks to exhale.  There is no self here.  I’m not sure reality is here anymore.  There are lights.  Points of lights swirl before my eyes.  Round dots expand to five points.

“My God, there are alive!” My voice speaks to the lights themselves.  My hand reachs up to find a starfish in my hand.

Voices surround me.

“Ashes, ashes we all fall down!” A million children sing slightly off key. Skipping like a vinyl records.  Hisses mix in and the bump before it repeats over and over again.

The sky turns into a funnel of light.  Calligraphic symbols and letters dance into the abyss.  I feel it’s pull.  Darkness surrounds me with light dragging me to my end. My arms flail.  Swimming in space.  I travel slowly as the lights spin faster. I sense the light leaving me behind.  Darkness covers me like a blanket.  Dreams don’t wait to hold me.

I would scream if there were muscles in me capable of movement. Sounds break the darkness’ grip.  Light doesn’t find me.  Movement does instead. A great big Planet crashes into my back.  The sky cracks like an egg.  Tiny shell fragments descend like glitter.  High above stars make familiar constellations.   One stars departs with a slight tail.

Written as part of a challenge, detail below

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