Freshest Fish in Town

Photo credit: Janet Webb

Written as part of a challenge called Friday fictioneers, details are available at

“You see Harry, this is the future.” Stan points his pudgy fingers at the former parking lot. “Customers go into the water and pick their fish from the pools.  We clean and prepare them.  We have the freshest fish in town!  Revolutionary!  I tell you.   Revolutionary!”

“Ah, we are having people park in back. They walk around the free chicken area.  Past the hen house.  The milking stalls. Then we want them to wade into water.  Why keep anything inside?  Let’s plant orange and grapefruit, grow lettuce..” Harry is beside himself.  Quitely the thoughts go running through his head ‘Who would let this idiot design anything?’

“My Aunt Ester.  She was rather surprised when I told her that I was a mind reader. Then offered to marry her husband’s pregnant mistress for exchange of design work.  Speaking of the future.  I understand that daughter of yours needs some legal help. I could be of some assistance.  If you told the old bag Ester, how much you like this idea.  It seems before the free range chicken  park opened, someone failed a drug test and she had to fire someone who disagreed with me.” Stan smiles at Harry.

“Stan, you’ll run this company.  I’m not sure if it’s into the ground or just be CEO.” Harry regretfully gives in.

“Good thing I like you Harry!  You speak your mind well.   I can tell” Stan shakes his hand.  Then wades into the pool. “Fresh fish in pools! Genius, if I don’t say so myself.”

17 thoughts on “Freshest Fish in Town

  1. I liked the funny meandering so much, I hardly noticed it was longer than it should be. What an idea, a free-range supermarket. And throwing a mind-reader in with it. Great fun.

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    1. No corporate entity would dare go away from the norm. So he had to have plenty of dirt on someone to pull this off. Yes a free range grocery would be amazing. But I’m guessing you would eat this if you saw them alive before buying him. It’s been a long while since I went silly. Every once in awhile it’s good.

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      1. I’m an only. With lots of cousins. Fair number of great aunts and uncles (deceased), grandparents (deceased) and not a sane one among us maternally or paternally. We put the D in dysfunctional.

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