<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/elusive/">Elusive</a>

I search for clues

Fingerprints, pictures, letters

There most be part left behind

Sensing a change

Like the tide receding 

I watch it all slip away

Empty promises,empty feelings

Footprints neither lead toward 

Nor away from me anymore

Sounds carry like vacant rooms

Echoes resonate and cancel out words

Confusion surfaces in friendly places 

Hostility replaces kindness

But I’m still looking

For the Elusive you

You were once here

2 thoughts on “Elusive 

  1. Awesome poem. You really nailed this poem. The last lines: “You were once her,” implying the friend/lover has slipped away. Your entire poem describes ‘elusive’ beautifully.

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