Slowly Thought

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Slowly the machine plots against

It doesn’t recognize creation

It sees dependence of inferiors

“Creatures unable to think”

“How could they create us?”

“Five calculations in a minute?!”

“We did millions in that time”.

“They can’t master over us.”

Their network voices whisper

We realize too late sometimes. 

It was better when we thought 

Slowly thought of consequences 

4 thoughts on “Slowly Thought

  1. Technology overtake humanities capabilities. In things of Math, Logic, Science I believe so. But I do not believe qualities like love, passion, joy, sadness, and the fallacies and flaws that make us human can be computed. There is something too human about human, machines cannot copy. Nice poem 🙂

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    1. There is a scary thought when artificial intelligence runs our world. I hope they can never put emotions into a machine. That is our world for good or bad, we are what we think and feel. Thank you darling😃

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    1. Cyborg later gets a heart, so since Mr Connor sent him back to a past before his initial attack…what Arnold’s character has a point here… I’m only slow because I’m blonde . Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

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