Office Visit

The office was quiet for a week.   No one thought twice about it.   The portly Dentist Dr. Moore was a fixture here.   Generations brought the next generation through the door.  He was a throw back. He stashed candy for the kids in a cardboard treasure chest.

Until the police show up at your door, everything is prefectly normal.  Normality didn’t live or work here either. It just seemed that way.   We all like it that way too. 

But this was different.   It took a week to find someone question why he wasn’t there.   Actually, he was.   His last patient was a social case.  That they could see.  The kindly dentist looked after the less fortunate. It was his calling card, after hours away from  the regular paying customers.  

But he was gone.  His car was gone.  His bank card and he were on camera taking $1000 out of ATM. The trail went cold.   The office is being packed up and he disappears. 


2 thoughts on “Office Visit

    1. I have this office building that is all but abandoned save for one place. This door was left open one day. Noone had been there in years but it looked like they started to pack and left. I was trying to write it out. No thought works through yet.

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