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Your depth rivals a kiddie pool. 

One left in the July sun

Filled up in May

Slimy algae hides your intentions

Distant views do not defile the senses 

Contrast of green and blue

Gentle reminds of summer.

Your soul is February 

Need unknown use plentiful 

The day will come

When what’s inside slips

The hollow cavity

All that remains

But depth will show through


20 thoughts on “Depth

  1. “A condemning portrait, to be sure. Great imagery; your slimy intentions and kiddie pool depth had me hearing Boris Karloff’s rendition of , ‘Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch” from the Seuss animated version of the tale,” she said.

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    1. I forgot the dog Max!! Jim Carey should be deported back to Canada and be forced to live with Bieber for attempting to make a movie as the Grinch. …. Don’t mean to get political but the circus is in my town…..RNC is in town. I have seen more security and unmarked cars and I work near airport not downtown. Oh yeah, I liked the kiddie pool and green slime parts. A little of a twisted smile as I wrote it.😉


      1. Tonight is the night where it can go crazy. Anyone arrested eure might not be able to get out of jail for the end of the show. Tonight is the end, they can be in the spot light and go out with a bang. Hopefully literal bang. I’m not going anywhere near it


      2. I have awake outside the city. There is no smoke risen above the city. Hmmm, this means we have poor rioters and I know must go to work. Damn rioters! 🙂


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