Wordle #118 – Methuselah 

1 Antlers 

2. Evil

3. Evasive

4. Residual

5. Barkeep

6. Struggle

7. Dahlia (a type of flower, can also be a name)

8. Transfuse

9. Methuselah (a patriarch who lived 969 years.Gen. 5:27. an extremely old man. a very largewine bottle holding  quarts (6 liters).  A bristlecone pine that is estimated to be over 4400 years old.

10. Pluck

11. Presentiment (a feeling or impression thatsomething is about to happen,especially something evil; foreboding.)

12. Fourth Rule (There’s an exception to every rule.)

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Tag: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle


I stare out across a high desert.  The shadows of antlers cast at my feet.  My evil barkeep was evasive about the struggle for air.  Residual oxygen at two miles up is leaving me needing a transfusion.  I pluck myself with a presentiment. The collapse of a dahlia in summer heart had nothing on me.  But my feet continue to move breaking some cosmic Fourth Rule. 

I look upon Methuselah.  The oldest living thing. 


19 thoughts on “Wordle #118 – Methuselah 

    1. Nothing is more stunning then seeing one of these in person. They look a lot like living driftwood. They smell a bit like mesquite. And the sky is a different color due to elevation. Once I saw Methuselah, it was involving the tree. Thank you my dear. 😃


      1. We have old stumps around here that look like that. I love to see them. Your photo is stunning because of the old tree and the beautiful background! You really captured a stunning photo.

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      2. These are bristlecone pines. They are an ancient type of pine. I’m nor sure if they are quite a living dinosaur but I’m thinking they have been around for at least thirty million years. They do resemble some of the Juniper trees too. They get twisted trunks but not wrinkles when they get old.


      3. There’s a weird feeling around them. But they are in very hard to get to areas, so few people actually make to see them. The roads are paved but not like getting of Interstate to go where they grow


  1. To see that tree would be worth the extra push. Park Service now hides locations of old trees so that nothing happens to them.
    When I was on the West Coast, did see some of the special Redwoods.
    I like your take on the wordle words!

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    1. You can see the bristlecone pines. Mostly because a mile and a half hike at 12,000 feet doesn’t leave most people enough energy to get back to the car. But the sky has a purple tint, well in California. I didn’t see Methuselah but I did see a couple 3500 years old, babies.


      1. On the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas is the Mono Lake and Bishop. Fairly close to Bishop are the Bristlecones. They have seedlings that are 75 years old that reach about 4inches tall. The redwoods and sequoias are too big to even think about. It’s been years but Kings Canyon was better than Sequoia National Park. And yeah, laying down gives you a better idea on size


      2. “Never made Kings Canyon (car issues — driving a ’65 Valiant at the time). On the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada there are stunted white cedar trees that are ancient. Grow so slowly due to conditions (straight out of a rock fissure, eg), that a tree with a circumference of a few centimeters might be hundreds of years old. Never saw myself but your Bristlecone pine seedlings made me think of it,” she finally took a breath.
        Would love to have seen the bristle cones. We only spent tim

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