All Life Matters

Baton Rogue is a reminder that there are people who like deep divides.  Organized attacks with the intent can not be passed off as anything but murdered.  We say empty phrases to solve complex problems.  Hate is the driving factor here.  There are no phrases that justify the attacking of law enforcement.

But let me throw out a few consequences.  You will see police responses slow down.  Back up will be required if there is the known presence or suspected threat of violence. The same neighborhood that has the tension between minorities and police will get worse.  The police like to go home to their families.  There are few that became a police officer  with the aspirations of murdering people.  But daily police go into confrontations where they have to deescalate situations.  This assumptions they go on is that most of the time things get worked out without incident.  How many police can throw out the idea that the threat is to who they are responding to?  

This shooting and Dallas all involved the general public.  Highly accessible areas where several others could have been collateral damage.  Why bring the public into the fight?  Is the idea someone could hide in with the general public and keep the killing going.  None of this changes the narrative.  The solving of the death of unarmed citizens was what we are told is the problem.  It time that we actually hear the truth of what the solution can happen with violence and where are the Black Life Matters, The People of Oppression, and other peaceful voices condemning these actions.  


15 thoughts on “All Life Matters

  1. I feel there are a lot that hate the police inspite of the unjustified killings but this has made it worse and has given some people the ridiculous excuse to kill police. Murdering police does not solve the situation but makes it worse. This is a devastating situation and I hope for peaceful resolutions.

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    1. The real shame is IF one or more of the killing are justified (meaning the Baton Rogue officers responded to a person threatening another with a gun). It’s the Ferguson situation where two sisters tells the media Michael Brown said “My hands are up, Don’t shoot”, then in grand jury testimony they say he never put his hands up. They burnt down a city to make Michael Brown a hero. The bullet wounds showed his hands weren’t raised. Media forgot the story by the time it was settled.


      1. That’s horrible to give the media false information in order to start an uprising. I’m really not that familiar with the Michael Brown story only bits and pieces I have read or watched on the news. I do know the police are being made to look like murderers when in reality, I don’t believe for a minute that they are. What is happening in our country is a travesty.

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      2. It’s very complicated. You have no idea what the motivation for telling the media false things was. If it was to make someone look better after a tragedy, it’s kind of human nature. But the media is rushing for best story as fast as possible. I think they make celebrities out of normal people, maybe the girls wanted to change to story, maybe they got caught up, but they did a lot of damage either way.


      3. She’s really calm and the video is reversed. You have no idea what the officer did and you may never see that video unless there’s a trial. The police officer could have freaked out but we may never find out. Still no one should die due to a broke taillight!


      4. Absolutely no one should die over a broken tail light. You’re right. We may never know the truth of that situation. You are also right about how calm she was! I could not have been calm in that situation.

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