14 thoughts on “Reblog –  Factory Pork Farmers Make Bad Neighbors

      1. I would be embarrassed of a sprinkler would hits someone else’s house. But raining hog waste and you know that is being done…I hope there’s a special place in Hell for these people


    1. The problem is really gruesome. I have heard of the pits overflowing but they idea they can spray waste into the open air seems like a way to spread disease. The federal government actually could step in if they wanted to here.

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      1. There is a been a huge push to change laws to make corporations more the people in rights. Which means we have to prove the company damaged us and the environment. If the politicians had these farms on Captial hill things would change

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      2. Almost any large scale production all seems to fall upon greater evils for larger profits. Consolidation is supposed to make things easier not more toxic


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