Guest Inside – Photo challenge 121

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Chloe told me.   It's the little things that count.   Ever since her smile graced my life this has been helter shelter.   I was more alive but everything around me faded. Animals left Newberry to return.   Friends stopped calling.   I was convinced I was cursed. 

Chloe said love don't be stupid you have me. 

I went to the old lady who sells herbs.  She thought it was a curse.  She told me, my shadow wasn't mine anymore.  The hands and body were of another person, or thing,....or demon!  She gave me a sack of special things for my pillow and doorway.  She says she can see things with eyes that aren't hers.

I put the herbs around my door.   I packed the rest in my pillow.  I waited.   Chloe didn't come. She didn't call.   I held her picture but couldn't see her face.   I could almost touch the blue dress.   But after four months, what did you look like.   The old lady played tricks on me.  A bag of agrimony,mandrake, mullein, and valerian can't remove a face. But your picture has a hole. 

The old bag told me there was demon. Why did it have to be you? 

Written as part of two challenges links at tge top and below.  The photo credit is linked to challenge below:

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