Greta’s Place

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at :

“Mr Fredrick Mimosa, food critic.  I’ll would like to review this….place for an upcoming magazine.” Fredrick talks down at the hostess.  And shows his disgust at the low end place he is found in.

“Yes,sir!   I’ll let Grandma know!  She’ll make sure to feed you good!” An excited DeeDee  is cut off.

“Well!  Child!  Fed well!  Does there exist a school here?!”  Fredrick stares from his well worn pale face.  His twenty year old clothes show his position isn’t going up anytime soon.  His scorn riddled the path here as well.

DeeDee puts him in corner away from the other customers.  He peruses the menu. 

“Oh how faced sandwiches, Monte Cristo’s, grilled cheese.  Aaauughh, I’ll have a chlorestrol induced stroke before I can leave.” Fredrick announces to the empty world around him. 

“Sir, what wouldwould you like to try first?”  DeeDee smiles through a bitter taste from her customer. 

“There’s a Grandma!  Well, let her bring me an assortment of your finest food.” Fredrick ruffles the menu to emphasize the point. 

Behind him appears a woman whose face is lost in time .  She could be sixty or ninety.   Soft rounded face beams with excitement of a real food critic.

“I made you an open faced roast beef over hand mashed potatoes.  Here’s a meatloaf to try! And my favorite…lamb chops!”  Her face lights up as she places each page in front of him. 

“Really!  You should have!  I mean can I have two pieces of bread with a sandwich!  The meatloaf looks simply ordinary….But lamb?! Maybe I can eat something here. It’s boneless chop?!  That’s different.”  Fredrick stabs the food with the fork. To see if it will move. 

“I call it a kid plate!”  Grandma isn’t really smiling at this point. 

“Oh that’s good!  I must say I’m surprised how good it is!”  Fredrick feeds himself to save others ears.

“I’m glad you liked it! The secret is once the children are old enough to read they start getting tough.” Grandma smiles and leaves hint to chew on that.

25 thoughts on “Greta’s Place

    1. The advantages of older people is they will say things that younger people won’t. So if it is something to make you nervous or uncomfortable from an old person, wonder what you did.

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  1. Mark, your Grandmas are always such interesting characters. I like her parting line. Serves the food critic right. Well written 🙂

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    1. Thank you darling. I was fortunate to have special women as Grandmothers. I have spent a lot of time with seniors, so I have the age thing down well. Grandmothers are watchful but not filtered. They probably know their wisdom seems odd, and are more hopeful then the people who receive it. Im glad I can pass that thru. 😀

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      1. My phone is worse at the auto correct thing. My iPad lets me look like an idiot on my own. The phone tends to think I need help by rephrasing whole conversations. Some day I’ll post a total auto correct with the translation


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