Market – Six Sentence Stories


This week’s cue word is, ‘Market.’ Use it any way you like. Use it in any genre you see fit. Use it in six sentences, no more, no less, please.

“The Garnet Market has been in continuously open since 1743!” I read the sign with Emerald green with heavy garnet colored letters.

“Yep, been here all expect those war years.”  The name tag says Mr Garnet.

I would imagine getting food for sale was hard when the government is rationing things.”  I smile at the guy who could be hundred, hundred and fifty years old.

“We close to collect blood during wars!”  He looks through me as he talks.

“I guess someone had to do that to during a war.” I feel the need to talk.

“Nothing draws us out like blood, you know.” His reply accompanied by a flash of a fang.

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