Reality Disappears


Crazy pictures dance in my head.  The world is red.   Wine to blood to neon back to brick and cycles over again.  Things that don’t exist take over.  They gather in the light, pushing reality into the shadows.

My pieces of consciousness fuse.  Paperweights of memories trapped like bubbles sparkle.  I know the thoughts.   They have multiple faces and no legs.  Their arms flail toward the next image in desperation to see what happens next.  Teeth chatter in mouths that do not open.  Music plays from machines twisted into brass and ivory.

I shutter.  I feel an urge.  I can’t grasp the rise in tension.  Blood pressure shocks the nerves.  The heart takes flight in rapid beats.  Limbs are heavy.  Eyes lost in red monochrome awaken.

There’s a body before me.  It’s covered in red like me.  Reality disappears.   I struggle to sense my place in events.  I realize I did a bad thing.   I fail to understand the why. 

A blue light shows on the edge of the red room.  It grows.  White light sends red into shadows.  The twisted brass and ivory machine plays on.  Fleeing seems like a good idea.


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