Random image flash fiction 

If we just stayed further away.  The hustle and bustle of traffic.  Tourists crammed together.  Sneaking outbid steal a parking spot. When does it go bad?

Gretchen is a eight foot blue tipped shark.  She patrols the sea wall.  The edge of the bay where people snorkel and the open ocean where the boats sail.  If I needed to get rid of someone….

Gretchen is a gentle soul.  The cleaner of the beach.. Her sixty years is nothing more than a scale of time.  Her role is to patrol.  Opportunist.  Call for justice.  But the question is where the fish or person is to blame.

A bucket of chum floats in the distance.  Gretchen waited for more.


15 thoughts on “Random image flash fiction 

  1. Hawaii is an awesome place. This is a view condo across the street from ocean and a block to one of the best Snorkling places on the islands. Gretchen swims out away from shore never ate anyone yet. Sunscreen probably tastes bad on us.


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