The Devil May Care

Written as part of a challenge, details below

There’s an inch.  Under the skin.  Deep.  Primal.  Consequences, meaningless.  Urges sweat out details.   Impulses.  Erratic behaviors, the real spice of life.

Harum-scarum.  I never knew my own name.   I knew my calling card.   I knew my path.   It burnt on path with two edges.  The heart knows why the mind runs slow.   Caution is brakes on lightenment.  Taste of fruit left on the vine is far too tempting. 

My mind finds its query.  Thought is the enemy of desire.  Reactions quick and decisive.  Even in flames. The attitude feeds the fragmented soul.  My ever present friend helps me out from the inside.

2 thoughts on “The Devil May Care

  1. Many thanks! I like the duality in these prompts. You can run head first and still mix in a stray thought. Tension of doing the right thing is nothing compared to doing what you really want. 😉. But I only know this through fiction 😇. Really!


  2. Whoa! And wow!

    This is an amazing response to the prompt! I totally love the way you’ve been inspired by the card, and used its meaning. Incredible lines – each one holds something very powerful to say – and there is the tension that is so present, between the “light and dark” – and the way you’ve played with it is most exciting Mark! Totally great and thank you for sharing – it’s been a pleasure. 🙂

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