Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Details,can be found at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/fffaw-challenge-week-of-07-05-2016/

“Mom left me again.” Buddy wags his tail. “Where’s she going?   I could have stayed in the back seat. I want to hang my head out thewindow…..Now I’m with
Jake and Buster.”

Buddy turns his head.   Jake and Buster have a pull toy.   They are tugging trying to pull it away.   Buddy turns back to see if Mom is coming back yet.    Buddy lays down and barks.

“This works in the back yard” He wags his tail a little.

Jake comes over and drops the pull toy on his back.   Then runs to the fence post to pee.

“Jake, class act…all the way!”  Buddy rollls his eyes.

“Buddy, she isn’t coming.   Get over there and play.   You’ll feel better.   You know you can’t relay on people.  Them and their kids….it’s all about taking time away from us. I mean can a kid fetch anything? They are useless.  Ok, they feed us their food.  But what’s that worth?  They aren’t eating it anyway.”

“Whatever!   She’ll be back for me!  She likes me.   I’m a rescue.”  Buddy keeps his vigil going.

“Hey, maybe she’ll liter box train you too.  You sound like a cat!   Get a hold of yourself!   You’re a dog!   Act like one! ” Jake grabs the pull toy and runs off.

“Ooooohhhh, she had to come back.   Wait, did he just call me a cat?!  That son of a bitch!”  Buddy runs off to catch Jake.  He’ll show him which one is like a cat.

26 thoughts on “Buddy

  1. “Our landlady has a mommy-dog. Damn thing yaps, gets put in dresses, and goes everywhere like it’s a service dog,” she exclaimed bitterly. “Dog-sat the previous pet, a pug with lots of personality. I think he forgot his ‘parents’ were away because we had so much fun,” she laughed.
    “Great story — think you captured dog thought processes quite well. And the comment threads have been a fun read,” she concluded her rather long comment.

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    1. I may tend to yap if someone stuffs me in a dress too! Even if I liked the person, it would be unsettling at minimum. A cat person tends to take things out on dogs, so dog people tell me…. 😉


      1. “At home, always cats, and I had several when on my own, but allergies will out now,” she replied. “As an adult, adopted by other people’s dogs, and as bird watcher/feeder, Koi pond keeper, cats become the enemy,” she added. “Oh, and allergies to dogs too.”

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      2. You can get a hairless cat! My white girl has spent six years hunting frogs and had yet to figure it out. We have never had a kitties catch a bird yet. But the fifteen year old did try to chase a wild turkey down….


      3. I would like to have seen that!
        You have well behaved cats — our neighbourhood cats have killer instincts.
        I’ve seen them catch birds, and go after the koi. Housecats, not feral.
        Found one dead by the pond, probably killed by a raccoon.
        Buried with the other dead things by the back fence. Like it’s sending out, leave this yard alone vibes. No cat problems so far since the death of bad cat #4.


  2. Haha cute. In the minds of dogs. I guess when we leave them it feels like forever because they don’t know we are coming back, that’s why they’re so happy to see us when we return.

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      1. lol. Yep I know. Makes me think when we go on week or two vacations, they probably think we’re never ever coming back.

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    1. I’m sure they think this way. I dog sit for my mother and daughter. The dogs week stay in the window for two days before they give up hope they are coming back.


      1. It’s really sad when the cat feels bad for the dogs. Elvis,the Tom cat, sits next to them some times. But then he’s surrounded by girls and both dogs are boys


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