Reblog – Algae Blooms Strike Florida

This is a growing problem.  The Great Lakes and several impounded lakes suffer from the same problem.  But there is no given reason in this story

15 thoughts on “Reblog – Algae Blooms Strike Florida

      1. Where my family is from originally, they have lake St Mary’s. It was used for portage on the canal system in early 1800’s. The fish were inedible during to toxins from algae


      2. In farmlands they use long duration (release) chips of fertilizer. They are made to feed over a season. If they get washed away, they dissolve slowly in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes… takes hundreds to thousands of pound in one field. So if the fields get rain heavy enough to wash they away, it’s seldom two or three pieces.


      3. Farmers feed the world, Giants like Monsanto would never allow this to happen. Political arguments would blame you can’t show which can caused the problem or the Corp of engineers does not have enough control over water movement.


      4. Fertilizer allows everything green to grow faster and larger. It’s indiscriminate. The problem is long term damage from long term release. It’s crazy comparison but you know the once a dat pills have many more side effects from slowing digestion of the pills. It’s the same thing will fertilizer,it’s effects are prolonged good and bad


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