Burn, Baby Burn



Gasoline in styrofoam cup. Hair cream with chlorine. I mix up a cocktail for you. Flames come slow and steady.  A steady smolder brings whiff of smoke.  Smile on my face

I hope you’ll notice.   Throw some water on it.  Watch it spread.  Flames  caressing the world. Mimicking the passion that started between us.   The fire soars in leaps.  It lunges and struggles to catch it’s breath.

The tongues of orange and yellow dance with shadows.   Sinews of ribbon launch into the air with a flash.   Heat teases the air and sucks in everything.   The flames dance higher.

The incredible heat. I marvel at what once was brought back to life.   The core of the fire turns black.   Noone notices.   It’s reaches toward the life of the combustion.   The flames pay no mind.  They climb only to fall.  

Ash takes flight.  Swirling around.  Gently crashing to cool ground.  The tombstone is being etched.  It’s debris rises and falls.   The air isn’t enough.  The flicking heat goes down.  Grey world fills the colors of heat.  A cold breezes leaves a death knoll of red embers. 

Like us it’s all gone.  But there’s hope for the next one.  Goodbye.


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