Photo credit: The Storytellers Abode

“The corn field is off limits.  They all know that.   But children need to be reminded sometimes.”  Calvin tights up the back of the clothing of Scarecrow XLR.  On the front, he attaches the external speaker buried in the yellow flower.

Calvin tries the controls.  The robot moves forward.   His left an extends and lifts.   His right arm drops and flexes.   Hands rotate to wave.   The head turns left and right.   “Testing, testing” the flower talks.

“Tell me again, why do we need a $5000 scarecrow?”  Tammi shakes her head.    She watched it roll away to the field.

“It has video.  it patrols the rows. It had hygrometer to see when fields need watered.  I can scare children and animals out of the corn.” Calvin explains his toy.

“You remember being a kid in the corn field? I know you remember being in those corn fields as a teenager.   The things we did….but now the tin man with video will get you. I’m not sure about what you’re doing here.”  Tammi stays with a smile but gets no reaction from the man with the remote control.

“Oh! I mean, you really think kids still do that in the fields?! Maybe, I shouldn’t do the video part. ” Calvin doesn’t notice he’s alone.

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, details are available at


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