Neighbors are a Pain


Written as part of a challenge called Sunday Photo Fiction, details at

“George!  The Homeowners Association  won’t let us keep a catapult in the front yard!  I can’t believe you found it!   And you just bring it home.   You don’t ask.   You show up with a pickup drags it behind.” Irene is red with anger.

“I couldn’t get the Scorpion!  But it’s a historical artifact.   You can’t hold it against us.  We are Italian and it’s a Roman catapult.   Heritage item.  HOA rules can’t discriminate.  It’s only fair.”  George defends his purchase

“The Murphy’s are just particular.   He’s a member of the HOA.  You can’t think this week go unnoticed.” Irene is embarrassed at the thought of what they will think.

“Relax Irene.   I have to replace the basket with waxed leather.  Then it can laugh fifty pounds of tar and sawdust up to one thousand feet.   But I’ll have to play with the adjustment in tension line. It will throw a pumpkin about a third of a mile!  It so cool! You’ll love it once once working. ” George walks away
describing his vision.

“No!  It’s not staying.  You have to take it back. George! George! Do you hear me?!” She tries to make her point.

“No truck to take it back with.   I had to pay to get delivery.  We’ll see what HOA says first.” George is already going out to play with the new toy.

25 thoughts on “Neighbors are a Pain

  1. Maybe you could pass it off as a way to fertilize everybody’s lawns at the same time. Sell tickets for fertilizing fees. Who knows? You might find another one some day and be able to double your money when others see what a good fertilizer this machine is.

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    1. Now were talking! Environmentally responsible fertilizer without the use of Carbon based fuel. If you used organic fertilizer, you slap a giant green organic sticker on the front! Boom! Maybe sound of raining pellet… this could work 🤔


    1. It would be fun up until you actually had to load the thing up. But I guess they had underlings that did that. And some haughty person pulled the level to destroy whatever it was pointed at.


    1. My wife would not go for the catapult either. She would have some reason lille is too big or it’s ugly. Then be the first one to say why don’t you take out those people across the street…what’s the sense of having it if you never use the thing!

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      1. Minor stuff there are hundreds of feet away. Mostly they trap animals or come over to our side of the street to dump things. They avoid or yard after I returned dine things the next day with a note


      2. Since we are on the edge of the “country”, people like to dump on land that isn’t theirs. Since our yard is kept fairly well, we don’t have problem.


      3. Noone wants to pay for a dumpster or the extra fees to have it hauled off. I don’t know why these people think the world is their trash can


  2. Haha. Very funny. He shows up with a canapult. I do t think the HOA is going to be impressed. I honk like Irene, they’d be a bit scared of George’s new toy. It would be cool to have because of its historic value, but using it could cause real damage lol.

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