The End – Story from Ransom Picture


“There’s an elegant way to go out.   And there’s everything else!”. Maria waves her hand.  She likes the stone.  It makes her statement clear.

“Mom, I’m not sure how appropriate that is!”  Gloria puts her hand on her mom’s shoulder.

“It’s mine!   What are the neighbors going to complain! I think it’s beautifying to a horrible thing.   I deserve to know I have things my way.   Dear, you pick yours and I’ll pick mine. ”  Maria smiles her 80 years seem to disappear.   The cancer recedes and life comes out to play briefly.

“Momma it’s a tombstone!   I’m sure the company has rules against non….traditional…things being used.   I don’t understand why you want this.”  Gloria tries but her embarrassment is getting the best of her.

“Well, ‘it’s the end’.  I want it.   End of discussion.”  Maria walks over to pay for her stone.

11 thoughts on “The End – Story from Ransom Picture

  1. I’m with Mandi on this. It’s a very interesting tombstone. At first I thought it was a little morbid but I got use to the idea actually. Great story, Mark! But, I have a question. Why would you password protect your flowers post? I would have loved to see the flowers.

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      1. Right below the “tags” are two lines. I somehow typed gibberish and locked everyone out. But I guess I could email passwords to allow access. If I was smart enough to know what I typed 😉


  2. Brilliant story. I like ‘the end’ as a tombstone actually. It’s like your life’s a book, and the tombstone, the final page 🙂

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    1. It’s the only angle I had on the picture. I opened up my gallery and spun the images to get here. It’s actually from a sand castle/beach festival. But hey could make nice tombstone.😉

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