Indigo looks at a long rainbow sun dress.  Her bargain shopping on sidewalk sales followed her to the beach.  She picks it up holding it to her neck, kicking up on everything leg to check it against her tan legs. “Twenty five…..I don’t know.” She mumbles

“Child in three nights you will wear this in the moonlight.” An ancient woman look out from under a,giant straw hat, her eyes, cloaked by sunglasses.  Her skin wrinkled, furrowed deeply from time.  White hair rushes out from the hat, past shoulders. “Derrick, his name is Derrick.  You will know him, by another name.  Be wary.  You will sparkle, lightness draws the darkest ones.  He must be refused.  His other family awaits him.”

Indigo stands stunned.  Her world is swirling.  How the hell did she know Derrick’s name?  Other family? Could it be true?  He travels,but she goes with him often….not always, but that’s her job.  Lost in thought,she never notices the ancient woman is gone.

She breaks her focus.  And is alone suddenly.  “Now what?  Well, she is right about the dress…”

8 thoughts on “Soothsayer

  1. Interesting. I like the character of the soothsayer. Interesting her knowing exactly that Derrick is wrong for this woman and has another family. I guess she must have bought the dress, but I wonder if she waited for Derrick to tell her or immediately broke up with him.

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