Sermon of the Poly


Bott raises both to the sky.   The couple hundred below the stage hoot and howl.  He smiles.  He twists his body left waving both hands and then to the right waving some more. 

“Fellow Cerfindites!  I bid you welcome!”
Bott steps back waving more.

The crowd roars.

“Your fields.  May they be full of poly and sorbate, eighty fold.  Soy, spilling lechtin to filvolous ends.  Modify you holding bringing forth a cornucopia substances.  Profusion of conductivity to a means of glorious transformation to our next form! May you all glutamate paradises ”  Bott beats his hand on lectern with every large word.

“Speculate the handle of thy new world.  Proclamation of reserve will echo down the valley of your fields!  Shake forth the divine.  Veins full of mourning, bluing celestial eclipses of heralded foreboding!  Rest tired foot upon fronds of extorted hula vines.  Bring me your hearts, arota and ventricular feast bore to generational festivums.”  Bott locks in on an eight year old girl.  Black pony tails bounce as she rides Dad’s shoulders.  ” I born forth knowledge.   Fruit born meta-xilophoric gluten paper.  To the future, I commenced change. The rest, the book is $30.  Thanks for coming out!”

Bott stands and waves goodbye.

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