Come On In the Water’s Green?!


Really, the pools open.  Don’t mind the algae, the mosquitoes aren’t so nice.  The Hotel is remodeling for the Republican National Convention.

34 thoughts on “Come On In the Water’s Green?!

      1. I almost didn’t take a picture of it. I have been Estevez up alive by the mosquitoes from this thing. They get me on the two streets next to this pool


      2. The mosquito is the state bird,you really need it there….😆 Actually, one in a while I have seen it near the beach. But it can eat clothes made rayon and other synthetic materials. Yes,I did say melts the material into a gel


      3. I had to use it in Hawaii in January. They had three cases of Dengue Fever cases on the Big Island of Hawaii. They told us you needed to bring it to the island because the threat was so great


      4. Before political correctness,it was African Sleeping Sickness. But it had spread to the new world in last fifty years. Once in awhile there are a few cases. It’s more like West Nile most people get mild flu like symptoms. But it can cause respiratory issues too.


      1. They are pro-life! That should include algae, mosquitos and there’s possibly frogs. Or is it conservative use of chlorine? But by deregulation of the Hospitality industry, they have allowed these owners to compete free of government mandates! If those overpaid workers could now just serve drinks by the pool…..

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