This is Not An Emergency


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“We repeat this is only a test, had a real emerency be underway detailed information will follow these messages.” TV announces to the population.

The view out the window reminds us the strange lights in the sky didn’t follow the advice either.  

The politicians worry about where the necessary abductions will come from.

28 thoughts on “This is Not An Emergency

      1. I watch the news but don’t trust local stuff. There’s no real national news besides election stuff and forget there’s a world beyond US borders. I read different sources because the cooperate works pays for all those ads. Frito-Lay would pull all Doritto ads of they announced their potatoes with GMO, even though the bag says “partially produced by genetic engineering “

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      2. They are just coming around to find artifical sweeteners are changing the bacteria in the gut. Wonder why all those people have digestive issues? Maybe we can generically engineer food that is good for us😉

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      3. 500 ml costs less than a dollar here. There are a lot of testimonies that health improved by drinking it regularly and some illness became manageable, some cured.

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      4. My wife is big on metabolic supplements, most have an effect right away and then it goes away. I try to keep us as organic and GMO free as possible. We have so much crap in our food supply today.

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      5. I understand how uncomfortable it may be, especially the taste. However, if that’s one of the best way to improve one’s health, I can live with it. God bless!

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    1. Your government will never tell you a third of what they know. It could cause panic or questions like how do they really know? We are a nation of secrets. 😉


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