Wordless Wednesday



31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      1. I went to the state fair in Palmer, Alaska about 15 years ago and it was a tiny little thing. I went to the state fair in Albuquerque, NM about 3 years ago and that was a lot of fun. Our county fair here isn’t too bad. I usually enjoy going and seeing all the art, crafts, flowers, food and animals! You are lucky if you have 3 different county fairs to go to – at least you have a variety.

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      2. Sweet deep fried dough (sugar and fat) with powdered sugar covering….there is only one needed per week! They have tons of stands for these and other deep fried things


      3. I have a couple people tell me is a great place. I have a late flight home out of Dallas, that’s two and half hours away. So if I plan a night in Austin, it should work.


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