The Publishing Dilemma

Anyone out there been successful in this Avenue?  I’m taking to my third different company.   I have “we don’t accept unsolicited with an invite” that turns to if I use those people and have no say (ghost writing) than I could be usable.   I have just pay us $1100-7500 and we’ll publish your book and promote it based on how much you have.   And I have “we will review your submission and get back to you,  don’t call us child, we’ll call you”.

While I’m not quitting the day job, I’m really thinking of taking four short  stories to a publisher.   I have been told 10,000 words or more for a collection of short stories. 

So what exclusives are out there good people?


28 thoughts on “The Publishing Dilemma

    1. I get into these thoughts every now and then. Then I start taking to people. I wonder how you can afford to publish something sometimes. I have a couple things people sent me. Maybe I’ll do it. But I can’t afford $7500 for the deluxe package with websites and fake reviews


      1. Oh! You are really talking about a free online writing course! I thought you were being facetious about the scammer publishing company. Of course it won’t hurt to take the course. After all, it’s free!!

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      2. I’m seeing a sales tool. I’m thinking I could have potential and need to work with some of their best people. Since am a student, maybe a special price. Yeah, they will give a deal, special because of the class. 😕


  1. You can publish yourself on kindle or Google play. You would just need to find someone to illustrate a cover for the ebook. My suggestion though, if you’re going to publish short stories is to make a collection of them first. Maybe not 10,000 words. But maybe 10 or 15 stories.

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    1. I have looked at Amazon for self publishing. I never thought of Kindle or Google. Thanks for the suggestion. I started with that very idea of several stories. It was universally poo-pooed. As if we only want to read so many things and they need depth. Have you done the 10 -15 story book and had success?


      1. Not yet, but I know a few people that have. I also know some that have had success with selling their first novel free on google or kindle and then the second one for just a couple dollars. But you still need to advertise in some way. Also, with 10 – 15 short stories book, the times I have seen that work are when they are all related, whether by genre or by story itself. Like a collection of adventure or mystery stories following the same character instead of long story following a character. If they are completely unrelated you will probably find publishing more difficult without doing the self publishing.

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      2. If they are completely different it’s going to be harder. But if they are all mysteries or something, it should be fine. If not, another suggestion would just be to keep writing them and when you have enough of a single genre, or if there are any you can expand the story in for more short stories, you could publish later with a larger collection. For single stories, a lot of newspapers and magazines publish them, sometimes for prize money if your story is submitted. There are also a lot of contests. A lot of short stories are used more to get a writers name out there and once that happens and they’re published for a novel, they take all their short stories and poems and publish a collection.

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      3. I have tried the contest route once. I’m well aware that writing is the easy part. I’m hoping to find out how others have succeeded. I have since reading to do😀


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