Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers,  details are available at https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/fffaw-challenge-week-of-june-21-2016/

“We hid it in a book!  I’m telling you it here!”  Gabriel raises his voice too much. 

A strange sound comes from the side.  A sound like a leak of air. “Ssssshhhhii”

Kevin looks to see the source. An angry elderly woman seems interested in them.  The direct stare, he learned in the handbook shows interest.

Kevin smiles back. Then turns to Gabriel,  “I’m telling you it’s important you remember we could be living here permanently.  I like the extra technology of the last 70 years.”

“Calm down.  Who in 1984 will understand Space-time symmetry?  The book on it was almost science fiction. I remember leaving it here.  Last October,  well 2053.  Kevin, you told me to place it where noone could easily find it….and look at us now!” Gabriel explains.

“Uh…you know his you like make notes in books.   Tell me you didn’t write corrections on that book! ” Kevin hesitates. “We’re chasing a book through time for a reset code.  It’s not on the shelf.  Ok…..now what?!”

“Oh shit! It’s the number.   It’s the book number!  We don’t need the book…..Just the number.”  Gabriel suddenly feels a bit smug.

“Ok.  Genius, now his do you get the number of a book you don’t have!”  Kevin is wondering of the consequences of murder in a different time.

“That giant wooden case! It has all these books in it…listed…almost like we do with computers. We go to the ‘S’ section and look up Space time symmetry!” Gabriel is jogging to the case.

“You’re an idiot! We could have done this from home.” Kevin wonders how this guy figured out the physics.


23 thoughts on “539.120.226

  1. Haha! I love the voice in this piece, the fascination/bewilderment with the “old times,” and the horror at the prospect of not finding the reset code! What great imagination.

    There were two sentences that confused me:
    (1) “Uh…you know his you like make notes in books. (Maybe the paragraph could be: Kevin hesitates. They’re chasing a book through time for a reset code, but it’s not on the shelf. “It’s not here. We’re wasting time… now what?!”)

    (2) “Ok. Genius, now his do you get the number of a book you don’t have! (<– Did you mean "Ok, Genius. How do you expect to get the number of a book you don't have?")

    Other than that, or even with that, great job with this photo prompt!

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    1. I can remember when we didn’t have have a text send with a link to open to enter and then reenter a new password and then having to go back and sign in! So time travel to get a code seems easier. 😃 thanks!!


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