The head spins around.   It’s teeth chatter.  Red eyes flash. 

“Voltram says you will die!  One dollar finds out what happens between now and then!”  The voice of a skull. Eyes turn green and then blue.

“Voltram knows you want to know!”

Eric stops and looks at Debbie.  “You want to see what it says?  Voltram is awfully persistent.”

“They are a joke!  Why waste the dollar?” Debbie has little interest in these things.

Eric takes his dollar and feeds Voltram.

“Voltram thanks you. You will have three daughters with Rochelle.  Three months from now you will conceive the first one.  Voltram see all!”  Voltram lights up spins and goes dark.

“That’s my sister!  You son of a bitch you!”  Debbie cries and slaps Eric. 

Eric is stunned as Debbie leaves him at the fair.

13 thoughts on “Voltram

    1. It’s the way things work! Someone of little faith always reacts stronger to the miracle or tragedy than the believers. Of course, her leaving him high and dry….opportunity and coincidence can dance toward this “future”. Thanks


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