Thick humid air.
Hangs across ground
Sun burns away clouds.
Withering heat swells.
Waves rising from below.
Pavement sticks to shoes.
Leaves hung low fanning trees
Tomato plants race for the sky.
Corn plants groan stretching.
In the streets, hydrants open
Fountains form and roll away
Roofs glisten from afar
Thick air gets thicker
Humidity clings to all.
The heat builds and builds
Waiting for cold air on lips

18 thoughts on “Summer

      1. That’s a good description for my place–‘edge of suburbia’; however I’m a block from the major “old Hwy 99”, where people avoiding the freeway traffic contribute to the noise and craziness–mostly by ignoring the pedestrian right to use the crosswalk when the “walk” signal is ON…..sorry, I almost went on a rant and rave, there 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I completely understand. ;People are fairy clueless to the world when trying to save three minute going here to there. Pedestrian under the car is only a temporary issue. They come out from underneath quickly. But mess up the bumper.😞


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