Grass planting


Last week night had free Dirt.  After spreading it out, Wednesday and going for rain to smooth out the clumps of hard dirt.   I found the hottest day of the year to plant grass seed.  So the pile above covers about 1500 square feet now.


My garden cart loaded with peat moss.  We begin by tossing out the grass seed to cover the ground much like sesame seeds on a bun.  The seed is lightly covered by pest moss.  This will hold some water against the seed and hide it from the birds!  In a perfect world, with great dirt I would be done.  But no so lucky.  If I have cracks in the ground or chunks of dirt I need extra peat moss to fill in gaps.  Or I’ll have a crazy line of grass growing in these cracks later.


So after, I cover myself in peat moss, and the dirt, next is straw.  My car trunk covered from hauling it two miles!   Time to cover grass with it.   The idea is to shelter the seed in a warn most environment.  The straw does an excellent job, but it has seeds from all kinds of weeds.  In a really nice yard, I wouldn’t use it.  Here in swampland, hey there are green and blend in.  Time to water and wait a week for signs of life!

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