The…..Uh, Pies


“Dude!  Not cool! Really not cool!”  Derek’s voice rings through Jeff’s hangover.

“What the Hell! I’m sleeping it off here!”  Jeff grumbles.

“The… Um…Pies.  The frickin Pies!!  You had one job paint The Spies! On the rail bridge.   How damn stupid can you be!”  Derek’s is barely audible from screaming into the phone.

“We’re all into shots over here.   A give Spunky $20 to take care if it. He said it was cool.   Any twelve year old can spell Spies!” Jeff hopes any twelve year old can.

The phone pings in his ear.  The text has a picture attached.

“That Lil shit! ” Jeff sees it. “Hey!  If there’s more people there….we change the name!”

Jeff realizes he’s taking to Noone.  Derek hung up.

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