Perfect Writing…

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mythical musings


Noun: The action or process of improving something until it is faultless.


When considering the definition of perfection, I see little need for the end product. Honestly, nothing can ever be considered ‘faultless’ as there will always be a critic, a sceptic, a non-believer. You cannot please everyone. You will die trying, so don’t bother.

I spent the first few years waiting for my writing to be perfect before even thinking about letting another person even know that it exists. Of course this means that nothing ever got seen, heard of, or even acknowledged. Because nothing was ever perfect. Nothing was ever faultless.

But now, now I look at a project and consider the weighing scales. How do the ‘imperfections’ weigh up against the presumed ‘perfections’… only ever presumed because each time I look at a piece what was once perfect will have altered and…

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