Broken Perfection

Photo Credit: Pixabay


                             A veil of deceit
The glowing embers
                    Fires that smolder
        Burning ruins form
                               Breath changes things
               Frozen by indifference
     Hold back distance
Your inapproachability
           Somehow desire calls
                          Interest never returned
                 Attention your drug
      You’re only cravings
                        Drawn from peasants
   You blind everything
                   Eyesight reserved
                                Forgetting your limits
Flaws smoothed personality
           Deep feeling ravines
                    Just below surface
  Seeing perfection first
                                Never thinking reality
Within your voice
                                Within your mirror
You see perfection


10 thoughts on “Broken Perfection

      1. I totally agree! That’s why I try and like and leave a comment on posts that I like/love because you don’t know what situation the author is in and how a few kind words can really lift them up. I know that a comment stopped me quitting my blog a few months back because it felt like a lost cause.

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      2. Last Blogging university class, I found I wasone of few established blogs. I read everything and tried to comment. I reblogged a few. I remember how hard it was to start. The realization of 30 people across the world following me was an awesome feeling. I love that you feel that strongly about others. 😃


      3. I have literally just hit 20 followers and I did a happy dance. I reblogged a post without fully understanding what it meant (I was extremely new) but I think it is an awesome way of showing an author that you admire their work but also respect them to not claim it as your own! Thank you!

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      4. The world is full of people who will relate to something you have been through. And you likewise. Each little milestone is important. I was amazed by how I grew more by comments. I was more about collecting viewpoints. I started with fiction, so characters need voices was the thought. I will always remember to share because others did it for me. If you write from the heart people know. 😎

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      5. It takes milestones to realise how far you’ve come, I didn’t realise how happy I would feel reaching each little one till I get there! I totally agree, I have found that comments draw more than just likes. When I first started I thought to myself ‘oh I wont be a person who celebrates every like’ but then I got liked and I happy danced. Then I had my first comment and it saved my blog.

        The heart is the only place I know write from. Creation without passion is pointless.

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